We're curvy women. We're everyday women. We're busy women. Just like you.

We want to look good in what we wear. We want to feel comfortable. We want to embrace our curvy gorgeousness.Just like you.

And, just like you, we've found it impossible when looking for activewear that suits our busy lives...UNTIL NOW!

Active Curves appreciates that every woman's life is busy; whether it's working full time, being a mum, running a business or all of the above!

We also know that every woman wants to be able to throw on something that's comfortable, stylish and fits, that also makes them look and feel fabulous no matter what they are doing.

Just because some of us have more curves than others, why should we have to settle for hiding under a pair of nasty track pants and a man's shapeless extra large tee-shirt?

We want EVERY woman to feel confident in EVERYDAY life.We've sourced the very latest in stylish, comfortable, activewear that has been made especially for you, for women with curves!

It's time to ditch the track pants….embrace your curves, feel empowered, confident and proud to be seen in all your fabulousness.


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