Apples or Pears - Body Shape Explained

We are often asked “what is the best activewear for my Body Shape”.  The first thing you need to do, is to understand what shape you are.

We use the word ‘shape” to describe the overall silhouette of your body – the contours of your body based on your waistline.  It’s how your upper, middle and lower sections of your body are in proportion with each other.

The easiest way to determine your shape is to stand in front of a mirror (ideally naked, which I know sounds scary to some of you, but even underwear can distort your actual shape). Now focus on the silhouette of your body, the contours of your body from the thinnest part of your waist up to your bust and down to your hip line, that will tell you what your overall body shape is.

Almost everyone fits into one of these 4 categories:

APPLE – Your middle and upper body are wider than your hips, with little or no real waist definition.  You may carry your weight around your waist.

PEAR – Your middle and bust are smaller than your hips and you have waist definition. If you carry weight, it’s likely to be on your bum and thighs.

HOURGLASS – Your upper body/bust and your hips are approximately the same width and you have waist definition.

RECTANGLE – Your upper, middle and lower body are roughly the same width, with little waist definition.

Now that you have established your shape, what clothes do you buy to flatter your body?  Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to buying active wear that may help. 

For Apple Shapes

DO go for a loose top that either ties or cinches, this will define your middle and conceal your tummy, such as the Juilette Print Tank. Fitted capris or tights flatter your toned legs – Nicole Performance Capris.

DON'T wear flared bottoms. They'll throw off your proportions by adding bulk.

For Pear Shapes

DO wear lighter colours on top to draw eyes up and away from your bum and thighs like our Janis Print Tank or Halle Tee. Choose flared pants to balance and lengthen your shape.

DON'T wear bottoms with stripes down the sides of the legs above the knee. They'll draw attention to you hip[s and make them appear wider.


For Hourglass Shapes

DO pick tops with a V or scoop neck and detailing near your midsection to show off your slimmest part - your waist. Try the Emma Print Tank or Jodie Sporty Tee.  For your bottom half, try a skort or gym dress instead of running shorts to show off your hips.

DON'T hide behind high necks and loose clothes. You'll only look larger if you cover up - flaunt that body.

For Rectangle Shapes

DO create the illusion of curves with tops that have ruching along the sides and pants that have a pop of colour at the hips or through the middle – try our Gwyneth Capris. A sports bra with a little padding and a tank with a low neckline will play up your assets – Check out the Jane Print Bra.

DON'T sport one colour from head to toe. It will make you look blocky.


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