We Love the Positivity

What an incredible event – The Women’s Lifestyle Expo in Wellington was a huge hit, especially for Active Curves and our followers.  We left Cambridge as the sun was rising on Friday and headed south to Wellington, the ute full to the brim with our posters, banners, hangers and most importantly (apart from our suitcases), our Rainbeau Curves stock! 

The notorious Wellington weather was kind to us when we arrived Friday afternoon which allowed us to unload the ute without being blown off our feet, and get set up at the TSB Bank Arena.  The stand looked amazing, such an array of colourful active wear, posters up showing curvy models in Rainbeau Curves clothing, and our own ‘model’, Maureen the Mannequin, standing proud showing off a jacket to be won in our prize draw.

Once the doors opened at 10am on Saturday, it wasn’t long before the crowds started to filter down to our end of the arena.  From then on, it was non-stop!  We met so many wonderful ladies, all excited about our product, some even coming to the event just to visit the Active Curves stand. 

The joy on their faces when they realised our stand was ‘just for them,’ just for those OVER a size 18 was incredible!  In fact, one lady who visited us, saw that we only had size 18 and over and immediately turned to her friend, put her hand and said with a huge smile “ha ha you can’t come on here, this stuff is just for me.”  We also had a massive amount of positive feedback from people in the health and fitness industry, many saying “it’s about time” someone catered for those over a size 18. 

All in all it was a hugely successful weekend, our followers on Facebook doubled, we were able to convert quite a few “I only wear black” ladies to buying brightly coloured active wear and more importantly we were able to make women feel confident about themselves!

Look out for us at the next Women’s Lifestyle Show!


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