Fat Bottom Girls Urban Challenge - Part 2

And so the challenge continues of around 70 women all walking every single street, lane, road and crescent of Cambridge. Over to Monique Wiles to get you up to speed.....

There's a Fraction Bit Less Friction

Once upon a time, (actually just a few months back), I used to consider my thighs one of my best, at least biggest, assets.

If I was to successfully audition for Survivor, my team would have no need to wait three long, arduous days before receiving flint. I'd spark these babies up in a matter of a few simple footsteps. That's one small step for a (wo)man, one giant bonfire for survivor-kind.

After a month of steadily walking, braving the frosty crisp mornings, fog-bathing and drizzle dipping, I made a stunning 'Eureka-moment' discovery this morning.

Whilst on my own this time, though usually with a gorgeous and phenomenal cluster of Fat Bottomed Girls (FBG's) around me, I realised that my once honeymooning thighs were stealthily passing like ships in the night. Like a long-time married couple, my best assets were barely touching.

My stride lengthened as friction lessened and yes, I even beat my 5km Avantidrome personal best.

Another lovely lady from the FBG's recently commented how much she valued the support and camaraderie of the group having dropped 6kg in only 6 weeks with a healthier eating plan and the motivational pull of more regular exercise with an army of FBG's.

While weight loss is an obvious benefit, for me personally it is an end- reward of putting in the hard yards. My personal goal is to brisk walk (moderate pace) at least 3 times per week for at least 45 minutes per session.

Week One of the challenge (23-30 May) – 8.5 km, (1 hour, 37 mins).

This week (1 – 8 June), I have achieved that frequency with a whopping 21.5 km under my belt (4 hours, 40 mins).

The left hip socket feels tender but it's a work-out badge of honour, a minor price to pay for the long-term benefits of an active lifestyle.

Other spin offs are networking and encouraging other like-minded women, empowering one another with every step that accumulates in the unity of common purpose, and participating in observing and linking with our community.

In the words of Tim Finn's lyrics,( 1984), (yes I am showing my age),

"What we need is some positive action.
What we need is some positive thought."

And with voluptuous thanks to the Fat Bottomed Girls, there's a fraction bit less friction.


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