Fat Bottom Girls...

...not only 'Make The Rocking World Go Round', but also the streets of Cambridge, New Zealand!

Several weeks ago, Robyn - a Cambridge business woman, put a light-hearted post on the local Facebook Grapevine asking for help with motivation to get out and do something, on losing weight, advice on what to wear and generally talking about bringing local women together.

The response Robyn received was overwhelming and she soon organised a meeting, aptly named Fat Bottom Girls.

After the intros and a few laughs Robyn declared "We MUST embark on a group challenge!

Monique Wiles, one of the lovely FBG's will tell you moreā€¦.

Mission Possible.
Watch out world (or C-Bridge to start with) - the battle lines have been drawn! A veritable army of Fat Bottomed Girls, or FBG's as we affectionately refer to our unit, have descended upon Cambridge. We've got legs and we know how to use them.

FBG's mission parameters encompass the entire urban Cambridge area of 240 streets, roads, lanes, avenues, places and crescents: (this map will self-destruct once all walking sections are completed and coloured in).

Fitness, fun and friendship are amongst the key gains. Each contender has their own personal goals to meet, set down prior to commencing this one-of-a-kind beat the feet challenge. Some troops battle health issues, others weight-gain. Some, like me, used to walking on their own to fit around a myriad of other daily tasks, family and work commitments, can lose traction - especially over winter.

Our secret weapon? Motivational support - T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves Much). Yes, we count our steps, track calories, distance and time but only as an end goal. Rather than focussing on these things, a 'walkie-talkie' ensues. Chit-chat revolves around getting to know one another, home business, family, personal interests, networking, information-sharing, and observations on the current route. Group selfies are thrown in for good measure.

It doesn't even feel like we're exercising, until the glutes feel a little tender or the calves a little tighter, a day or two down the track. Tangibly rewarded by Vitamin D, fresh air, and for some teams, the coffee and continued conversation at the end of the road, the FBG's disperse, stronger, and ready to advance the frontline for another day.


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